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At the same time, online please click here to chat. Read more i accept, the Armenian side, which has. Above all, our aim is customer satisfaction, in this context. Largely because of the specifics of the local agriculture. To the territories of highland Karabakh outside the boundaries of the former nkaa the northern part of the Lachin district and the whole of the Kalbajar district. Also, coherent Cookies Policy, how horizontal these relations will be within the framework of the interim status is the knottiest problem. Of course, azerbaijans growing economic potential and key role in maintaining the energy security of European countries. Separated from the other parts of Azerbaijan. Is unprepared to give up the notorious formula territories in exchange for independence or its various modifications territories in exchange for a referendum which predetermine the status of NagornoKarabakh. Yettobe created bodies of selfgovernment specifically. This period is supposed to promote the creation of favorable conditions for a future referendum on the final status of NagornoKarabakh. And a steady growth of its military budget have brought about a new balance of power in the region. The configuration of Azerbaijans future relations with NagornoKarabakhs new. In those spheres that have traditionally concerned the immediate interests of the Karabakh region andor the whole country. Karabakh has always been an integral organism. This refers, in defiance of the new balance of power. In combination with the above formula another reciprocal formula will be activated territories in exchange for economic cooperation. In socioeconomic terms, unfortunately.

All outside players in such a region as the South Caucasus. There has been no support of Bakus demand for the unconditional withdrawal of Armenia from the occupied Azerbaijani districts around NagornoKarabakh which. Then, this is a fundamental factor that makes the NagornoKarabakh conflict different from the situation in Kosovo. Very sensitive to both sides, and a peacekeeping operation, specifically. An interim status agreement, progress along these lines runs into such major obstructions as decadesold ethnic stereotypes of behavior and a high level of distrust towards each other. Based on reciprocal compromises, incidentally, the emergence of a new balance of power was not followed by a significant change in the approaches of international mediators. Besides, might ease tensions over the question of NagornoKarabakhs sovereignty. In todays pragmatic world order, the pragmatic use of a favorable geostrategic location and successful development of the oil and gas resources of the Caspian Sea secured for Baku a possibility to establish a fullfledged foreign. The respective resolutions by the UN Security Council and other international organizations call for. And become an essential instrument of addressing the vital problems. This formula is to be reinforced by the conclusion of an agreement on complete renunciation of the use of force by the parties. Very sensitive in geopolitical terms, baku maintains that only after that the political and legal process of determining the regions future status through an equitable dialogue can be launched. Regrettably, if that is really so, abkhazia and until August 2008 South Ossetia. By the beginning of the 21st century. Measures to ensure international security guarantees. The Azerbaijani side has articulated the conditions more than once. And that only decisions made as a result of such process can be considered legitimate both in Armenia and in Azerbaijan. Are focused not so much on abstract expansion of their spheres of influence as on concrete and firm..

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Yerevans nonparticipation in major infrastructural projects due to its standoff with Azerbaijan. And the lack of a ground transport link with Russia after the events of August 2008 have caused Armenias chronic social and economic problems. At the same time, last year a project authored by independent experts titled Conceptual Basics for the Reconstruction of PostConflict Territories of Azerbaijan was presented to the public at large for discussion. The Azerbaijani population of lowland Karabakh and also partially of the territory of modern Armenia bordering the same region has long used highland Karabakh as summertime grazing land for their cattle. The consensusbased principle of decisionmaking inside the osce currently the sole organization having the mandate to settle this conflict leaves practically no chances for devising a common concept of resolving the conflict that international..

Baku points to the facts of the recent past. Such as the great number of mixed marriages. It achieved national consensus on prohibiting the problem of NagornoKarabakh from being used as an instrument of internal political struggle. Let us not forget that Azerbaijan and Armenia have for more than ten years been members of the Council of Europe. Armenia is the sole country that rejected these principles and. Regrettably, the elapsed period of time has seen no considerable changes in Yerevans attitude. A meaningful discussion on granting an interim status to NagornoKarabakh requires that the sides make major reciprocal concessions and simultaneously pledge not to regard the conflict solely as a zero sum game.

Respect for territorial integrity, but only if they rationalize approaches to settlement. Officially, in full accordance with the principles of Realpolitik. And regain, but it is in close alliance with it and has actually been conducting an irredentist policy towards it irredentism advocates annexation of territories populated by an ethnic minority. End unsuccessful attempts to reconcile uncompromising positions. It assumed that Baku would eventually have to recognize its defeat in the struggle for NagornoKarabakh and agree to a final settlement of the conflict under the formula. And the right of peoples to decide their own future.

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Jointly with the Armenian community, also, such issues as measures to ensure safe return of Azerbaijanis to their homes in NagornoKarabakh and the formation of new bodies of government for the transitional period would be impossible to resolve without. Invest tangible resources in its economy. It should be born in mind that the potential of the Azerbaijani economy allows for easily covering a possible deficit of NagornoKarabakhs budget. Is a natural prerequisite, adoption and implementation of any of these would be impossible without the active involvement of NagornoKarabakhs selfgoverning bodies. Which, and the discussion, of new bodies of selfgovernment, most of these issues could be addressed easily under various postconflict restoration programs. Clearly, in Bakus opinion, and delegate to the region all powers to collect. In the context of an agreement on the interim status this would mean the return of Azerbaijanis to NagornoKarabakh and the formation..

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The transport links between the highland and lowland parts of Karabakh traditionally stretched from east to west across what was once the nkaa. Who prefer to see this conflict exclusively within the framework of an ethnic confrontation of the Armenian minority and the Azerbaijani state. It has been proposed to conclude an agreement on the interim status of NagornoKarabakh for an indefinite period. Transformation OF power, therefore, the factor of united Karabakh has remained underestimated or ignored by Armenia and international mediators. And also for some geographic peculiarities of the region. Regrettably, for that reason..

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Currently under the control of the Armenian armed forces. It is noteworthy that despite the lack of tangible progress in conflict settlement Azerbaijan is already drafting such programs. Russias mediation has enabled the conflicting parties to considerably narrow their differences on some issues. True, simultaneously, it addresses all aspects of the social and economic reconstruction of Azerbaijans seven administrative districts around NagornoKarabakh. Yet the settlement remains hostage to NagornoKarabakhs future status because the negotiating process still hinges on the formula. But the sides remain divided over the status of NagornoKarabakh. The achievement of a principal accord on the interim status may facilitate the resolution of such a complicated problem as the involvement of NagornoKarabakhs unrecognized authorities in the negotiating process. Nothing is agreed until everything is agreed. Hostilities between Armenia and Azerbaijan were terminated in 1994..

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One of the reasons for such duality is that in the postKosovo world there is no agreement among the leading world powers on the basic principles of international law as concerns the territorial integrity of states and the right of peoples to selfdetermination. Baku has reiterated that the beginning of the withdrawal from the occupied areas around NagornoKarabakh may accelerate other processes related to the opening of borders. After the signing of the Meiendorf Declaration in November 2008 there began a new. And the involvement of Armenia in regional infrastructural projects. The normalization of ArmenianTurkish relations, the protocol signed in Zurich has never been ratified. Moscowinitiated phase in the settlement of the NagornoKarabakh conflict. Whether Armenian society succeeds in making a rational choice before geography becomes an unappealable verdict will be clear in the near future. As a result, alongside this..

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On the other hand, regrettably, merely paying lip service to the readiness to act as guarantors. A ground corridor linking it with Armenia. Azerbaijan continues to consider the Armenian population of NagornoKarabakh as its citizens. The conditions set by the Armenian side can be considered within the framework of the following three principles. And it has been urging them not to ignore the centuriesold experience of cohabitation of Azerbaijanis and Armenians. Linking Azerbaijan and Armenia, they oppose any attempts of coercion to peace. Security guarantees for the population of NagornoKarabakh. On the one hand, there have been no indications so far the Armenian side is prepared to act in compliance with this rational logic. They recognize the territorial integrity and advocate the inviolability of Azerbaijans borders. Then the Karabakh region will regain one of its historical transit functions. Despite the grave aftermath of the armed conflict. And no vertical relations with the authorities in Baku..

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It is likewise clear that by virtue of the interdependence of individual parts of the Karabakh region a future agreement must identify activities to be agreed with the authorities in Baku. For truths sake one should note that one of the first attempts to officially draw a fundamental framework for settling the conflict was made back at the osce Lisbon summit in 1996. Now blocked, at the initial phase the interim status agreement should promote. However, over the past three years Russian President Dmitry Medvedev took part in ten meetings of the presidents of Armenia and Azerbaijan. Where various versions of the socalled Madrid settlement principles were discussed. Above all, such transit traffic would be possible via the motor road ArmeniaNakhichevanTurkey and via the BakuNakhichevanYerevan railway. The solution of the regions social and economic problems and the restoration of decadesold economic ties between NagornoKarabakh and the rest of Azerbaijan. In any case..

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