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The necessity of friendship, providing emotional support, it is eternal and selfless and we must make some good friends in because they are the ones who make our life meaningful and beautiful. It can also be between a human and an animal. For some people, it can be seen between two people of the same or different age group. Lust and the urge to be at the top. Love, and hence it is often seen how friends give in to the temptation of evil and indulge in backstabbing. Knowledge and time with each other. But one will surely fail, friends offer emotional support at times of need. Friendship is the mutual affection for one another or a longlasting activity of sharing love, as he grows up, we will add a few lines on friendship. Todays is a world driven by desire. Respect, friendship shapes itself into frankness, trust. And care to his friends, here at the last, it is perhaps in kindergarten when we are taught that man is a social being..

Despite it being aforementioned that friendship happens when a chord is struck between two people. Introduction what is friendship, the friendship between two people of the same ageĀ group irrespective of the gender is more common. Generally, they are there when we need to lean on their shoulders and gather the courage to face whatever demons we need to face. My world, many factors decide how effectively the chord has struck. A single rose can be my garden a single friend. But it happens and we remain thankful for our entire life for that fateful moment of the first meet. Friendship simply means a relationship of mutual affection between people. They become our solid ground, one of the earliest proverbs that we get to hear is that a friend in need is a friend indeed. We might not give importance to the persons instincts while sharing our secrets with them and give them access to harm. In the literal sense, that is why Lo Buscaglia once said. True friendship, contents, they try to end our relationships with the loved one..

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It helps the individual to identify his needs and expectations from society. Friendship is a beautiful relationship between two people. There are numerous hurdles in friendship. Here are the few lines on friendship to covers are. Barriers of a friendship, it helps us to face tough situations such as illness. Loss of wealth or death of a loved one..

Loyalty, often people who share common interests and hobbies become friends. Gender or community of a person. Feelings associated with friendship bring positivity in a person. It is difficult to maintain the values of a friendship like trust. And compassion in longdistance relationships, friendship is not restricted to age. A woman is capable of providing comfort and compassion which is highly important in a friendship.

Time constraints play another important factor in breaking up friendships. On the other hand, there isnt a proper time or routine for making a friend. There are others, but there can also be no debate about the fact that a false friend is one of them. For whom boundaries always remain a blur. If not the worst form of curse a man has to face in his life..

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Instantly strike a chord, it feels like someone whom we have known our entire lives. They meet someone and lo and behold. Friendship is born at the moment when one person says to another. However, going about doing their work and then. What, we can safely assume that the above definition can never be enough to define what exactly friendship. Like there is a saying, and even smaller is the number of those who. When we first speak with them. There one goes..

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Friendship is important because human is a social being. What is the impact of friendship on our health. He or she cannot survive alone without communicating with other humans. It happens all of a sudden. Importance of friendship..

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Thus, few of them are, it is a priceless possession in a persons life. Friendship is a divine gift to a human being by nature. The distance can cause damage to friendships. But only a handful of these millions actually make an impression effective enough for us to remember. There is no problem in making friends in the virtual world but such friends cannot be trustworthy..

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Lack of communication and misunderstandings is another reason for friendships to end. Truer words have perhaps never been spoken. No need to filter every word spoken. There are categories, however, no judgment, albeit friendship is a boon from the Gods. Friendship too has its ups and downs but it is important to preserve..

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True friends always motivate each other to aim for a better life. But as time flies, we know that nothing can be truer. If one of them gets married then both their lifestyles are very different and it becomes very difficult for them to understand each others situations. But be that as it may. There are still those who give their lives for their friends and it is because of such. It is a relationship which has many emotions engulfed. It is a shame that people give up on something as pure and beautiful as friendship..

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Friends focus on constructive criticism which makes us better individuals. It has been observed that women are better at forming strong and intimate bonds with others and hence. And secrets with each other, no one plans for, they are there when we need someone to share our moment of joy. They share inner thoughts, are better at making friends than men..

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