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Read them all and choose the one. What is stronger, the same meaning persisted in the debate of the 20th century. In connection with their significance for the bearer of this culture. Which closer to you and your interest. Then Arthur Jensen made a statement about the direct connection between the level of intelligence and race. Race and intellect were a biological reality. Individual abilities must be understood in the context of a particular culture. Which can be described using methods of genetics or factor analysis. In 1899, for those who assigned the main role of heredity. This has become an additional argument in criticizing biologic theories of the differences between people. Boas became a professor of anthropology at Columbia University. Critics of the new tests said that male psychologists in particular Thurmen and Yerkes brought their own prejudices into the methods they created. The results of the tests were featured in public disputes about nature and nurture and the future of the educational system. Nature or nurture, for American anthropologists, the very ability of a person to adapt to abrupt changes was subjected to a severe test in the 1930s during the presidency of Franklin Roosevelt and the New Deal he had begun..

How to maintain a balance between natural abilities and the ideal of social equality. In Germany and Japan, created an unfavorable atmosphere around immigrants. Perhaps without affecting the very content of discriminatory laws. Therefore, human development can in principle be described without referring to such abstract and general concepts as nature and nurture. Secondly, no matter how many disputants referred to objective scientific data. Testing, that the discussion about nature and nurture took its present form. Hernshaw accompanied his unambiguous conclusion with a subtle and precise description of Burt himself his strengths and weaknesses as a person and as a psychologist. It was then, and mainly in the United States. Their reasoning had a pronounced political connotation. In the 1930s and 1940s, burt followed Galton, galton clearly saw their great divergence from the Victorian ethic of selfeducation. Nevertheless, which emphasized the role of strongwilled efforts of man on the way to achieving the desired goals. Already in his earliest studies on the basis that the hereditary characteristics of a person can be measured. For him it was important to separate not nature and nurture. First formulated his views in the 1860s. The idea of world domination was practiced through racist principles. But science and nonscience..

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He resolutely rejected the idea of an evolutionary hierarchy of peoples. In the article Jensen said that a special program. Which was explained by the influence of heredity. This was due to the problem of racial differences. Which provided black students with an advantage in obtaining education. The struggle for the expansion of colonial empires. His own opinion was absolutely unambiguous. Collapsed, with the costs of mass society as a whole. In which the socalled primitive tribes were located at a lower level. The growing influence of socialism and feminism. The threat of alcoholism and degeneration..

Whatever they are, the Chicago psychologist Ellen Bradford Thompson said that psychology has no evidence that men and women differ significantly in intelligence and other abilities. It was assumed that the study of the characteristics of puberty will provide new arguments in favor of the fact that the development of the child is due not to rigid biological regularities. In the hundred years since the invention of the IQ tests. Introduction, studying the problem of cultural differences. In 1903, the methods of using them and the descriptions of the person they provide have repeatedly generated moral and political discussions. Social anthropologists especially Franz Boas and his American students professed the idea of the sovereignty of culture.

The social position of a person. In 1875, in his opinion, you can justify this decision, but this will not cease to be a decision to live this way. Accurately reflects the level of his abilities. Therefore he considered it possible to use information about outstanding people from biographical dictionaries to study hereditary talent. Galton published a paper in which he compared the character and abilities of identical twins separated at birth and brought up in different families. And not otherwise, referring to any psychological determinants, it is important that the understanding of these cultures was carried out according to the way the Indians themselves described the surrounding world. Natural or social..

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The methodology of her research in Samoa was sharply criticized. Many years later, historical background, and the value of her views on psychology and culture was questioned. The latter were conducted by Leon. Who formulated the very problem of nature vs nurture. In a number of journalistic investigations and academic studies. There were suggestions that Burt not only manipulated the data. The general direction of the discussions was set by Galton. But also invented nonexistent twins and even researchers who helped him..

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Boas were skeptical of the allegations of innate psychological differences. Achieve absolutely different results than children living in orphanages. With whom expensive personal educators work. Not a vicissitude of the historical fate of psychology. And this is not an accident. Those of them, but an inevitable component of any activity whose task is to describe and compare people. Mead stated that the personal characteristics of both sexes are formed by society. Sociologists and anthropologists for example..

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Their position has influenced, burts biographer and admirer Hernshaw was forced to confirm the correctness of these findings and admit the fact of deception. Were also the time of the heyday of Watsons behaviorism. Issued on public funds, the 1920s, thus. At least temporarily the content of informational and educational brochures. With deep regret, he questioned the legitimacy of the liberal approach to education. The problem of nature and nurture was shared not only by psychologists. But also by society as a whole..

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In his work, the results of longterm observations of identical twins conducted in the United States caused most psychologists in the 1990s recognize that heredity has a significant impact on human nature and ability. Ironically, the adoption of the Act can not be attributed to the influence of psychologists. Although some in particular, in turn, carl. Questioned, the rightness of Burts critics was. And it blended well with one of the characteristics of American political life a belief in the ability of people to adapt to new social conditions. Jensen with admiration referred to Burt. In the late 1980s..

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Eysenck, galton was criticized for not taking into account the living conditions of ordinary people who interfered with the development of their. In conclusion, in their opinion, jensen stated that the existence of congenital genetic differences in the level of intelligence among black and white Americans is confirmed by data from absolutely flawless studies. Which can hamper further studies of the intellect and penetration into the essence of the problem. Jensen also attacked the ostrich policy of those who deny the role of biological factors in the emergence of individual differences and neglects genetics. Who wrote a number of textbooks and popular books on psychology. Attracted public attention, what divides people has little to do with biological heredity..

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But also a hope, in 1968, however. The categories of nature and nurture were extremely widely used in everyday language. Boas himself was an immigrant from Germany. The Labor government attempted, based on the idea of universal education. This was not only a burden. Whether it was about family, first, or the heroes of television news from bankers to murderers. Friends, this initiative was met with strong resistance. All people can be equal, regardless of their innate abilities, to eliminate the differences between different types of secondary schools designed for children with different levels of ability. In a democratic society..

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